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The Accounting College specialises in MYOB Courses and is an approved MYOB Education Partner and MYOB Publishing Partner. The Study at Home format has proved very popular with our students. The MYOB courses are easy to understand and complete and students can tailor their own study package from the list of courses. The courses are ideal for employers and staff and also for those students wanting to gain MYOB skills for employment purposes.

MYOB Courses Education LogoMYOB Courses Publisher LogoSummary of  Online Courses
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MYOB Basics (est. 7 hours)
MYOB Intermediate (est. 8 hours)
MYOB Advanced (est. 8 hours)
MYOB Payroll Course (est. 6 hours)
MYOB Business Activity Statement  (est. 8 hours)
MYOB Foreign Currency / Multi Site Inventory
(est. 6 hours)

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Tailor your own MYOB training package
Over many years the college has always listened to students in relation to the type of training that is required. We have introduced MYOB courses where the student can tailor a combined training package to suit the student’s needs. Students can select the exact training that they require.

Easy Step by Step MYOB Courses
The  MYOB Student Software is used by the student throughout the  training. The courses are designed for  beginners and flow through to the advanced level and beyond using easy step by step procedures.

The MYOB courses are offered to students throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra and all country and regional areas. The MYOB online training is also available to students located overseas.

Study at Home or the Workplace
The MYOB courses are flexible with no need to attend a training centre. The whole course can be completed at home or at the workplace. Students work at their own pace. An estimate of the course completion timeframe can be viewed on the Summary of MYOB Courses above. After enrolling we understand the student  may not want to start the course immediately so a twelve month timeframe to complete is provided.

Course Material
The college provides all the course material to complete the selected course. This includes all workbooks, student software download link and free email support although the courses are easy to work through.

Course Process
The college training process is designed in a way that replicates the workplace. The student processes a number of case studies and enters all the transactions into the software. This “hands on” type of training, just as if this was being done in the workplace, is a fast and easy way to learn the software procedures.

After working through the workbook and practicing transactions the student then completes an assignment and emails it to the college. It is from the assignment that we can assess how the student is progressing, and we then offer feedback, on areas that might need revision (if any).

The college provides competency based training, so at no point is the student failed. The college MYOB Courses are designed to ensure the student achieves competency throughout the training.

Certificate Issued
An MYOB Education Partner certificate is issued  upon completion of the course signed by an Accountant of the college. This is ideal to include in a resume or for evidence of course completion for an employer.

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