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Listed below are the MYOB Online Training Courses with detailed course content.

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(Course Number 1)

This course includes:

Setting up an MYOB Business Accounts Structure
How Business Works
Logging On
Identifying and Locating Files
Saving a Report
Accessing a Saved Report
Printing a Transaction Journal
Creating New Accounts
Understanding Prefixes
Header and Detail Accounts
Transferring Accounts to a Different Level
Changing an Account
Deleting an Account
Setting Up New Cards
Buying and Selling Details
ABN Details
Deleting a Card
Card File Practice
Processing Supplier Invoices
Choosing correct General Ledger Accounts
Other Tax Codes
Date Format
Using Pay Bills
Processing Sales Invoices
Payments received from Customers
Banking Module
Direct Debit or Electronic Funds Transfer or Cash payment
Recording Deposits
Not from Customers
Opening Balances
Save / Use Recurring Transactions
Setting Details for Automatic Processing
Finding and Editing Information
Deleting a Transaction
Reversing a Transaction
Looking Up Journals
Customer Adjustment Note / Credit Note –
Supplier Adjustment Note
Record Keeping – Organisation Requirements –
Reconciliation of Statement
Australian Business Number –
Purchase Orders
Sending Reports
Technical Help
Glossary of Terms
Supplementary Practice and Checking Your Work


(Course Number 2)

This course includes:
Setting Up Inventory Stock Lines
Buying / Selling Inventory Details
Supplier Item Invoices
Sales Invoices –
Customer Item Invoices
Setting Prices using Shortcuts
Count Inventory
Stock Discrepancies
Creating a Non-Inventory Item
Entering an Inventory Opening Balance
Summary of Stock Lines
Cost and Selling Price
Items Returned
Settling Returns and Credits
Settling Returns and Debits
Inventory Value Reconciliation
Items List Detail
Sales Analysis
Accruals & Prepayments
Writing an MYOB Journal
Petty Cash Procedures
Fixed Asset Register
Straight Line Method Depreciation
Diminishing Value Method Depreciation
Estimated Useful Life
Depreciation Charge Calculation
Pro-Rata Depreciation
Fixed Asset Register
Sale of an Asset
Writing the Journals
Organisational Requirements
Journals & Editing Transactions
Selecting an Account
Locking a File
User ID & Password
Audit Trail – Setting and Printing
View Company Details
Making Payments by Credit Card
Receivables Reconciliation
Payables Reconciliation
Monthly Statements
Summary with Tax
Customer Report
Open Invoices & Orders Reports
Changing Content of Reports
Supplier & Customer Ledger
Processing a Dishonored Cheque
Processing a Dishonored Cheque Fee
Invoice Overpayment
Refund Cheque
Electronic Payments to Suppliers
Entering Quotes
Preparing a Professional Invoice
Overdue Administration Fee Purchasing an Asset
Cash or Accrual Accounting
Combine Cards
Combine Accounts
Revenue Received in Advance Payroll Payment through the Banking Module
Legislation Issues
Backing Up
Restoring Data File


(Course Number 3)

This course includes:
Setting Up and Using Identifiers
Using the ‘To Do’ List
Linked Accounts
Linked Accounts Report
Bank Register
Prepare a Bank Deposit
Group with Undeposited Funds
Sales Register
Purchases Register
Setting Payment Details for Customers / Suppliers
Entering Business Bank Details
Re-Cap Transactions
Item Movements
Withdrawal of Stock / Asset by Owner
Summary Payables Reconciliation Report
Reconciling Supplier Statement
Customer Statements
Viewing & Adding Tax Codes
Deleting Tax Codes
Changing Tax Codes
Changes to the bookkeeping system
Setting Levels on Accounts
Setting GST to Record Automatically
Cash Profit & Loss
Accruals Profit & Loss
Processing Cash Sales
Customising Reports
Saving Customised Reports
Customising Sales Invoices
Printing Sales Invoices, Packing Slips or Mailing Labels
Printing Receipts
Printing Purchase Orders
Printing Cheques
Interest Received from Bank Tax Code
Interest Received from Bank
Writing off Bad Debt
Interest Paid to Bank
Owners Capital
Cash Discounts
Refund Cheque
Overdue Accounts
Processing a Commission
Prepaid Expenses
Doubtful Debts
Dishonoured Cheques
Session Report
Checking Journals
Taking Up a Loan
Funds Transfer
Processing a Direct Debit
Purchasing an Asset
CAP Code
FRE Transactions
Depreciation Journal
Monthly Management Reports
Undoing Last Reconciliation
Entering a Purchase Order
Company Data Auditor
Summary End of Year Procedures
Start a New Financial Year


(Course Number 4)

This course includes:
Setting Up the Company File
Setting Up the Payroll Structure
Checking the Payroll Structure
Introduction to the Payroll Module
Processing Employee Card File Details
Setting Employee Payroll Details
Holiday Leave Accrual Calculation
Sick Pay Accrual Calculation
Payroll Deductions
PAYG Withholding Tax
Standard pay
Pay History
Processing a Pay Run
Editing Employee’s Pay Screen
Employee Activity Detail Report
Fixing Errors in Pay Cheque
Additional Pay Run Practice
Printing a Pay Slip
Setting Automatic Deductions
Viewing PAYG Withholding Rates
Payroll Bank Reconciliation
Payroll Linked Accounts
Deleting a Transaction
Reversing a Transaction
Payroll Categories
Adding a new Wage Category
Adding a new Super, Entitlement, Deduction or Expense Category
Electronic Funds Transfer Payments
Electronic Clearing Account
Payment Summaries
Payroll Summary Report
Payroll Reports
Printing Pay Cheques
Restoring the Data File
Viewing the Profit and Loss Report
Viewing the Balance Sheet
Viewing Payroll Transactions
Viewing Accounts in Accounts List
Reconciling Monthly Gross Wages
Reconciling Superannuation
Reconciling PAYG Withholding Tax


(Course Number 5)

This course includes:
Setting Up the Company File
Preliminary Information – Goods and Services Tax
Cash Basis of Reporting – Sales
Accruals Basis of Reporting – Sales
Australian Business Number (ABN)
BAS Reporting Dates
Business Activity Statement Format
Purchases Invoices
Supplier Payments
Sales Invoices
Customer Payments
Bank Reconciliation
Reports required prior to preparing BAS
Company Data Auditor – GST (Detail – Cash)
Transaction Tax Codes
GST Summary Report – Cash
Summary with Tax Report
GST Calculation Worksheet
BAS Payroll Transaction
BAS Back and Front Sheets
Workbook Exercises


(Course Number 6)

This course includes:
MYOB Foreign Currency Module
Foreign Currency Preference Set Up
Exchange Rate Set Up
Setting Accounts for Multiple Currencies
Setting Up a Payables Account
Setting Up a Receivables Account
Setting Foreign Currency for Suppliers and Customers
GST Imported Goods
Separate Importing Expense Accounts
Paying Overseas Supplier’s Invoice
GST on Exported Goods
Export Sales Tax Code
Overseas Customers Invoice
Overseas Customers Invoice Payment Received
Using the Currency Calculator

MYOB Multi Site Inventory Module
Setting Up Locations
Stock Line Set Up
Buying and Selling Details
Processing different Location Purchases Invoices
Processing different Location Sales Invoices
Moving Items between Locations
Location Reports
Location Lists
Item Location Summary
Item Movement Report

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